Psilly Dots Mega Dose 1200mg Tabs | 3 Pack(10 Pack Display)

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Our most potent form of edible!

Unlock the Ultimate Mind Enhancement with Purple's New Psilly Dots Mega Dose:

Our Psilly Dots represent the most potent form of edible available. Each tab is infused with 1200 mg of our exclusive mushroom extract blend, coupled with powerful nootropics, designed to propel you into a journey filled with delightful sensory experiences and profound joy.

The unique tab form factor ensures each dose is consistent, providing a reliable and potent experience unlike any other edible. Embrace the power of a truly elevated experience with Purple’s Psilly Dots Mega Dose, and explore new dimensions of cognition and perception.

Choose Your Journey:

1 tab for Flow & Vibin': Enhance your everyday rhythm and vibes—perfect for tuning into your creative side.
2 tabs for Euphoria & Introspection: Ideal for a deep, blissful exploration of self, fostering profound moments of reflection.
3 tabs for Altered Perception: Transform your reality by opening new dimensions of perception, and exploring the depths of your mind.

Each package contains six servings, with each tab equivalent to two servings. This offers a customized experience suitable for various levels of exploration. Embrace the power of Purple and push the boundaries of your cognition!

Extra Information

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