Silly Kava Gummies

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Introducing the new formula of Silly Gummies: Put the silly back in your gummies!


Silly Kava:  Grape flavor transports the blend of Kava, Damiana Leaf and Green Tea Caffeine straight to your body and mind.


Silly gummies are perfect for anyone who’s always tried to stay healthy and isn’t afraid to question what natural ingredients can provide for your mind and body. We never intended Silly Gummies to be just for cannabis users, so we’ve put a bunch of wholesome goodness inside them. 


We wanted to cherry pick the best ingredients that not only promote amazing benefits, but give you an uplifting, calming and focus driven effect. We want you to pop one and feel the weight of the world melt off your shoulders.


Plus, these tasty little gummies are completely vegan and gluten free!


80mg active per piece (1,200mg per jar)

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