Space Bars by Space Gods-10 Pack

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Space Bars by Space Gods combine your favorite cereal with THC+CBD


You know that cinnamon cereal that is little squares and packed with flavor? That’s right, we did it! Cinnamon Crisps Space Bars will remind you of that favorite cereal, packed with flavor and THC + CBD goodness. We know you won’t forget to try this as it has become a favorite amongst us moon-walkers.

A mix of your favorite toasted oat cereal and magical marshmallows is what brings our Space Gods cereal bar to life. It’s hard to forget the nostalgia of marshmallow cereal, but now as the first ever THC + CBD infused Space Bar, you’ll be sure to have a new favorite snack in your (space) pack.

To complete the trifecta, we are introducing the third and arguably next most recognizable cereal to the Space Bar lineup: Fruit Comets. Mixed intergalactic fruity rice cereal infused with THC + CBD will be one for the books. Be sure to add this to the collection of things to try before you blast off the your next mission!

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