Sun State Delta-8 Tincture 30mL

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Looking to sample the cannabinoid that’s making waves in the hemp world? Look no further than our 1200mg Mango Delta-8 Tincture. Each drop is packed with Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, a naturally hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s distinct from CBD and its ‘sister’ compound, Delta-9 THC. Each drop of our Mango flavor tincture provides rich fruit flavor while you stay on top of your wellness goals. Delta-8 offers many of the benefits associated with CBD for maintaining your day-to-day wellbeing and natural homeostasis, without the same psychoactive and intoxicating potential of Delta-9 THC. Savor the cannabinoid goodness of Delta-8 for your natural wellbeing with our 1200mg Tinctures today!

  • Measured dropper included for ease of use
  • For Ages 21+ Only
  • Lab Tested for purity and quality

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