ELF THC Telerin Blend D8/D10/D11/THC-P 5000mg Disposable(5 Pack)

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ELF THC Telerin Blend D8/D10/D11/THC-P 5000mg Disposable

A max strength powerhouse featuring Delta 8; Delta – 10; Delta -11; and a wallop of THC-P (THC-P has the impressive ability to bind to CB1 receptors in the brain 33 more times than THC ) . A brand new 5g device features a window of the liquid reservoir for the user to view the remaining liquid. This 100% authentic ELF THC disposable comes sealed in a beautiful magnetic box guaranteed to catch the eye and showcase this high end device. Get ELF’Ed Up !

5 Disposables Per Master Counter Display 

Three Tasty ELF’ED Strains;

Raspberry Vanilla Skunk

Hawaiian Sexpot Gelato

Huckleberry Diesel

100% ELF THC / Rechargeable / Best In Class 5g Device

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