Nu Honey Mind Bender Honey(50 Pack)

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Prepare to embark on a wild and whimsical journey with our Blueberry Mind Bender NuHoney, the all-natural psychedelic honey from Nepal, affectionately known as “MAD Honey”. Dive into a world where blueberries and honey collide in a cosmic dance of flavor and euphoria. Let your taste buds take a psychedelic trip to a land of sweetness and wonder, where every serving is a mind-bending adventure. Embrace the madness and savor the sweetness of our NuHoney – it’s a trip worth buzzing about!

Do not exceed 1 sachet in 24 hours.



We wanted everyone to be able to enjoy our gummies! We are proud to say that Glo Pop gummies are Kosher Certified!



Our Gummies are also vegan, we wanted to make a fun and unique product that could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of dietary preference!


Food Safe

This almost goes without saying... but! Our gummies are food safe! You can enjoy our products with peace of mind, you're safe with us!

Extra Information

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