Urb D8/D9 THC Gummies 200MG-50pk

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Urb D8/D9 THC Gummies 200MG-50pk


D8/D9 THC Gummies 200MG –50pk

Featuring 10mg Delta 9 THC and 90mg Delta 8 THC per gummy, 200mg per pack. Made Vegan with organic sugar, organic tapioca, organic pectin and all natural flavorings and colors.

Sour apple and ripe blueberry are perfectly blended together for a tasty fruity concoction.

This luxurious blend of tart strawberry and ripe mango tastes like sunshine on the beach.

An exotic blend of bright dragonfruit and sour kiwi are sure to refresh and unwind your senses.

Enjoy the taste of paradise anytime with an exotic, tropical blend enhanced with smooth, sweet pineapple


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